Understanding The Ins And Outs Of Brushless Car Wash

brushless car wash technique, when brought in as a safe substitute to the automated car washes, went on to become such a massive sensation in the industry of the car wash. This technique is also popularly known as the “laser car wash” or “touchless car wash,” where no portion of the car is “touched.” A few of the individuals consider or rather think it as one of the finest automotive paint-safe washes. In order to understand whether this reputation is either well deserved or it is just for the sake of saying, let’s just look at this with a bit of detail.


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Pros Brushless Car Wash

  • Washing That Is Touch-free 

The attraction of the brushless car wash is thoroughly due to the system that doesn’t touch the car when washing. Despite that, it goes on to make use of water at the very high pressure so as to “slide” grime and dirt off the surface, hence significantly reducing paint damage.

  • It Is Inexpensive

The car wash is simply a pretty great deal for around 20 dollars or less. Also, there are numerous other services that you may go on to purchase for the additional charge like wheel & tire cleaning, undercarriage wash, and tire shine application. A few of the services also provide interior cleaning.

  • Pretty Handy For Winter Season

This again is a good wash when the winter season hits given the moment when the hand car wash at home is kind of not possible. The car washing at the time of winter season is extremely necessary, particularly when you consider the damages that are brought about via prolonged exposure to the rainwater, the road salt, and snow. So do not forget to get the undercarriage to wash as well when you don’t want the rust to set in.

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  • Makes Use Of The Recycled Water

Numerous owners of several vehicles are divided on this very subject. To some, the recycled water is kind of harmful to a vehicle, however, not to others. Law has mandated, all the car washes should have the water reclamation technique, the brushless automatic car wash is included. Recycled water isn’t just “dirty” water, i.e., being reused. It’s been simply treated to get rid of the impurities and is also pretty safe when it comes to using on the car. This technique is also an excellent way to reduce the wastage of water. The law, however, was introduced particularly to save the water. Hence, the wash is very much environmentally friendly to a specific extent.

Give It A Thought

Automatic/drive-via car washes go on to save a lot of time and hassle. However, one may question if the automatic car washes are safe for the car? In many instances, they’re the most reliable option for numerous car owners who go on to wish to keep the cars clean.

Often, when you think of going on with do-it-yourselfers, do not use adequate water to remove dirt safely; or they go on to wash the car under the direct sunlight that softens the paint and may even lead to the water spots. Or they may go on to use the wrong kind of soap (like dishwashing detergent), that removes the protective wax and leave the chalky residue on the finish. Or anyone of several typical mistakes may end up doing a lot more harm than satisfactory.

How Often

So how frequently should you get the vehicle washed? Well, that generally depends on how fast it catches dirty– and how dirty does it get. For a few cars, once every month or so is adequate, especially when a car is lightly utilized and parked in the garage. However, a few of the cars will require a bath quite often; those cars that are usually parked outdoors and are exposed to the tree sap or the bird droppings, or driven in regions with long, extreme winters, where roads are salted to eradicate ice and snow.

Brushless Is Simply The Best

A few of the older car washes do utilize abrasive brushes (in place of cloth), that can leave small scratches in the car’s finish. The older cars with a single-stage paint, light scratches could generally be buffed out. Nearly all the modern cars, however, utilize the “base/clear” technique with the thin, transparent outer layer of the clear coat right on top of the underlying color coat in order to offer the shine. Once the thin clear coat gets damaged, the only possible way to restore that shine is simply to repaint that damaged area.

Another bet that can be considered safe is a touchless car wash, utilizing only the high-pressure water jet and the detergents to take off the dirt from the car– without physically needing even to touch the car. With this technique, there is no chance of one’s vehicle suffering any sort of cosmetic damage.

Let’s now take a look at a few of the things, and one must keep an eye on when he is looking for the brushless car wash.

Watch Out For Wipe-Down Post-Wash

Nearly drive-thru washes utilize the strong jet of the heated air in order to force extra water off post the car went through a wash. 

Hold Off On Any Sort Of Extras.

There are certain kinds of car washes that may go on to cost you as much as twice the money you spent here when you go with the brushless car wash. So what you need to do is be vigilant and make the right choice that is good for you. Also, this wash is pretty handy, and it also gives the result.

Finally, Ensure The Car Is Fine Before You Happen To Leave

This indeed is a very important thing, and one must consider, no matter what!

Final Words

There may be a situation where you might have carried something crucial and forget. So it’d be nice if you take a look before saying bye that will simply ensure you don’t leave your things there.